Dear Satnam,

Having just passed the first month anniversary of moving into our new home this letter is long overdue being written. Jean and I would probably still be living in our rented apartment, going crazy, if it were not for your invaluable help in securing us a wonderful home. Our experience of buying a property in a new country could have been a traumatic one, especially with the market conditions and us only making fleeting visits here. The personal attention that you lavished upon us was first class and though we were no doubt one of many clients, at no time did we feel like just a client. Making personal viewings on our behalf, contacting us with detailed information, emailing photographs and telephone conversations in the early hours of the morning to the UK was we feel professionalism of the highest order. Having found the right house for us you did not rest upon your laurels but continued to help and guide two clueless foreigners through to a happy ending.


If and when Jean and I move home, or indeed come across someone looking for a home here in Vancouver, you can be assured that they will receive a personal recommendation from us both to contact Satnam Sidhu, an exceptional realtor.

Once again THANK YOU.

Yours sincerely
Ross Lempriere

We are very pleased to share our experience with any one fortunate enough to make your acquaintance while shopping for real estate in the Greater Vancouver area.

Our Move was one of the smoothest on record. The main reason for this was a gentleman by the name of Satnam Sidhu of RE/MAX Crest in North Vancouver, Satnam s 25 years of experience was evident from the moment we met. Not only had he done the research but he had also been able to eliminate numerous undesirable properties that we had requested to see from our MLS list. Therefore saving us a substantial amount of time and frustration. His ability to translate our needs into available property was uncanny. His knowledge of housing and pricing trends was also unsurpassed. Needless to say that in 1.5 days we had located and secured the purchase of our next home. Satnam you're a miracle worker!

Oh, I probably forgot to mention his sense of humour!

From the moment we met he was bound and determined to find us a home that would allow for some exercise space to help deal with my expanding waistline, Which I was reminded of with each property we viewed. Satnam's a runner and is in great shape, which provides him with boundless energy for the task at hand. Congratulations Satnam, you really have it" all together "

Thanks again and please feel free to use us as a reference any time you like.

Bob Cherney and Kim Jones

More Coming Soon!

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